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State of Michigan court forms

Landlord-Tenant Forms
Form – Demand for Possession, Nonpayment of Rent
Form – Certificate of Satisfied Judgment
Form – Certificate of Satisfied Judgment
Statute – Just Cause Termination of Tenancy in a Home Park

Links to other sites relevant to apartments
and manufactured housing in Michigan

Trial Court Directories
Department of Justice Fair Housing Overview
Fair Housing Act
Michigan Security Deposit Statute
Michigan Landlord-Tenant Practical Guide (PDF)
Michigan Manufactured Housing Association
Michigan Manufactured Housing Commission Rules
Manufactured Housing Institute
National Apartment Association
Property Management Association of Michigan
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, Section 301 – Evictions
Servicemember’s Status Look-Up Page

Forms for our clients to use

Tenant Bankruptcy Information Sheet. For a Resident who files bankruptcy, please download and print this form, fill it out, and fax it to Janet Swistak with all materials received from the bankruptcy court right away.

For apartments
For manufactured home communities

To request an Order of Eviction, please send an email to writs@swistaklevine.com.

To request a Notice to Quit to Terminate Tenancy, please send an email to 30days@swistaklevine.com.

To request a consent judgment for a case going to court for non-payment of rent, please send an email to consents@swistaklevine.com.

To forward information regarding 7-day notices (e.g. leases, ledgers, etc.), please send an email to 7days@swistaklevine.com.

To get help with a request for a reasonable accommodation or modification, complete the “Reasonable Accommodations Form” and email it to fairhousing@swistaklevine.com.

For questions or issues relating to Fair Housing or Civil Rights, please send an email to fairhousing@swistaklevine.com.


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