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 We Represent Landlords

Swistak Levine represents landlords and property managers of apartments and manufactured housing communities. We have significant experience with many of the legal issues landlords face in the operation and management of residential rental property. We file thousands of landlord-tenant cases every month across Michigan and our attorneys have responded to a wide spectrum of issues. No matter how strange a situation seems, in the thirty years our firm has worked on behalf of landlords, there is almost nothing left to surprise us.

Swistak Levine represents and counsels our clients on every aspect of their business, including complex landlord-tenant disputes, Fair Housing claims, mold litigation, Consumer Protection claims, and landlord’s rights in bankruptcy. Our transaction attorneys draft leases, purchase agreements, vendor agreements, and telecommunication contracts. Our firm is the only counsel landlords and management companies need for all of their legal issues.

Given the size of our staff, we are fully able to represent our clients’ interests throughout the state of Michigan. We regularly appear in nearly every district court in the Lower Peninsula for landlord-tenant cases. Landlords utilizing Swistak Levine are able to unify their legal representation with one firm assuring them that legal advice, legal bills, and the practical issues of landlord-tenant law are consistent between properties, wherever the client operates properties in the state of Michigan.

If you are interested in discussing how our office can assist you, please contact either I. Matthew Miller at mmiller@swistaklevine.com or David Levine at dlevine@swistaklevine.com.

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